Our means

To meet national and international competitiveness First Engineering uses technical means
and human resources to optimize structure design and project management.

Human ressources

Manager: Civil Engineer (RWTH-Aachen: Germany) + Master (London)

German Civil Engineers (Aachen: Germany)

Civil engineers and technical engineers

Several drafts and technicians.

Technical means

 Software for design:

RFEM (http://www.dlubal.de) and RSTAB: 3D German structural design software including FEM (Finite Elements methods)
Structure design: Robot (high-performance computing software with FEM)
Drawing of plans: AUTODESK
Topography, earthwork, urban road and project design software VRD: COVADIS
Software for design the HVAC: BLOCK LOAD,
Calculation and tracing of ducts: AUTOFLUIDE
Electrical calculation and schematics Software: CANECO

Project management:

Project planning & Time schedule: MS-PROJECT
Diagrams and processes: Microsoft VISIO
MS Office