Our services


FIRST ENGINEERING provides consulting structural engineering design and construction administration services for healthcare, educational, hospitality, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. Many projects, such as high-rise structures, parking structures, industrial process structures and long-span structures require an experienced team knowledgeable about their unique structural requirements. Projects geographically located in areas of high seismicity, in high-wind zones, and in extreme cold regions also require special design consideration. FIRST ENGINEERING has designed many of these types of projects over the years and we have a comprehensive understanding of the required design guidelines and best practices to make these projects a success.

FIRST ENGINEERING strives to be at the forefront of the structural engineering profession by having knowledgeable, qualified personnel and equipping them with cutting edge technology. Our engineers and drafting personnel utilize Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, The German software for the structural analysis (DLUBAL, RFEM) on the majority of our projects to facilitate coordination between the design disciplines and improve documentation for construction.

FIRST ENGINEERING currently uses two 3D software systems, Revit and AutoCAD Structural Detailing 3D, to accommodate the needs of our clients who use multiple design platforms.


Project management from FIRST ENGINEERING : comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning services for every phase of your construction project.

Whether you are an owner, contractor or investor, you need to deal with a range of requirements during every phase of your construction project. Our project management services provide you with comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning services for all types of projects – no matter the size or location.

We offer you extensive experience in all aspects of construction. As a result, we can help you reduce technical risks, prevent construction errors, control budgets and effectively keep your construction project within the planned schedule.


:: Proposed solution and optimization of construction projects
:: Specialized execution studies
:: Construction companies support
:: Acoustic metrology
:: Technical expertise
:: Comply with local and international regulations and quality standards
:: Detect possible problems quickly with regular reporting, helping you foresee cost overruns and delays
: Evaluate technical solutions to keep the project on track

Client Assistance

Through the mission of assistance to the contracting authority we ensure the overall management of the operations in order to respect technical, planning and budgetary commitments, in particular :

:: Administrative and legal support
:: Assistance in the establishment of programs
:: Assistance in the evaluation of the context
:: Comparative analysis of the overall cost of different options
:: Financial assistance
:: Follow-up of the execution of the various contracts
:: Assistance with the reception and commissioning of installations

General Contractor

FIRST ENGINEERING is committed to its customers, as General Contractor, to take charge in a single contract of the design and realization of a project (construction and equipment …) with a contractual guarantee: price, quality, Delays and performance.

:: Technical feasibility study of the project (land, real estate)
:: Financial feasibility study of the project, financial arrangement of the operation
:: Definition of the master plan
:: Establishment of a study program
:: Elaboration by specialized engineers, assisted by computer resources (DAO-CAD), documents for consulting companies (specifications, quantitative plans and schedules)
:: Follow-up of administrative procedures
Qualitative, quantitative and economic analyzes of the best performing companies and suppliers.